US Work Visa: New Proposed Law by Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez

Apply for a US work visa by using our United States visa application guide that contains everything you need; information, easy to understand instructions and forms that you can fill out yourself.

A US work visa is a work permit which is provided by the US to workers travelling to US from other countries. This document is instrumental in gaining permission for the workers to work in the country. The process of acquiring a work visa might take some time and it is recommended that you start early.

In most cases your employer is responsible for acquiring the work visa for you. However if you are applying for your work visa yourself, there are a few basic things that you should know. All US work visas fall under different classifications according to the type of work that you would be doing. Each work category is distinguished by a different number and an alphabet which is used for classification. The work visa of a nurse would vary from the work visa of a software engineer.

What you have to do

The basic requirements would be:

At the time of application, the passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months or more after their proposed date of arrival in US.

Passport size photographs which should not be more than 6 months old.

You can fill up the visa application form and affix the photographs and submit it at the local consulate office. Your visa will fall under the non-immigrant visa application category and you will also have to pay a certain amount of fees during submission. After the initial round of processing, you will be called for a round of interview at the consulate office. After the interview, the consulate office or the US embassy will issue the visa.

What your employer has to do

While you are required to apply for a visa for seeking permission to work in the US, your employer will also have to apply for a labor certification approval. This approval is sought from the US Department of Labor and the employer is required to fill in form I-129. This is a petition for non-immigrant worker.

All this seems to be a very lengthy procedureFind Article, but it is very important for your future. Attaining a proper work visa after going through the entire process will ensure that you live a hassle free life while working in the US. If you are looking for advice and help while applying for your work visa you may visit for more details.