EB5 Visa or B-1 Visa: What’s the difference?

In this article we will take a closer look at the B-1 and Eb5 Green Card visas to see how the two visa programs compare and contrast.

When choosing which Green Card Visa is right for you,it is important to compare the different options.Many people come to the United States in search of business or investment opportunities.If youre an investor,then the EB5 Visa may be right for you.On the other hand,if youre an entrepreneur or amateur,then a B-1 Visa may fit your needs.Read on to find out more to compare these Visa programs.EB-5 Immigrant Investor VisaCreated by the Immigration Act of 1990,the EB-5 Visa Program is specifically for foreign nationals looking to obtain a green card.The investment visa can enable you,your spouse and children under 21 to obtain permanent U.S.residency.Citizenship may be obtained after five years.These immigrants are required to invest at least $500,000 into a government designated Regional Center investment visa program in order to obtain such a visa,and this money must create at least ten jobs.All Regional Centers are designated by the Government specifically for immigration purposes.A Regional Center is defined by an economic unit,public or private,engaged in the promotion of economic growth,improved regional productivity,job creation and increased domestic capital investment.A Congressional mandate,issued in 1992,aimed to stimulate economic activity and job growth,allowing eligible aliens the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents.The immigrant receiving the visa is not required to actively participate or manage the business in which he or she invested.For investors who wish to invest in a new or existing business,have an active role in the management of the operation and have at least one million US dollars to invest,then the traditional EB-5 visa is the best option.B-1 Visitor VisaOn the other hand,a B-1 visitor visa is a type of nonimmigrant visa for persons desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business.This visa is issued to a foreign citizen seeking to enter the US for business purposes.Often,the B-1 Visa is combined with a B-2 visa,both which is valid for a temporary visitor for either business or pleasure or a combination of the two.The Immigration and Nationality Act describes that an alien must prove that they intend to return home after visiting the United States.To do so,they must prove this to the consular officer when they apply for the visa and the immigration officers may grant the foreigner temporary access to the United States.Once refused,there is no judicial or other means to review a visa decision.The foreigner,however,is free to apply a visa again,particularly if circumstances have changed that might show to the Consular officer that the applicant overcomes the presumption of being an intending immigrant.While in the United States for business,an alien has the permission to perform the following actions before returning home:Conduct negotiations and sign contractSolicit sales or investmentDiscuss planned investment or purchases.Make investments or purchasesAttend MeetingsPsychology ArticlesFree Reprint Articles,and participate in them fully.Exhibit at a conventionInterview and hire staff.Conduct research.Settle an estate