Learn about Australia Work Permit Visa

Australia has a very simple path to permanent residence using a points system. If you want to stay and work after graduation, you must learn about Australia Work Permit Visa like 485 Qualified Graduate Temporary Visa, 402 Training and Research Visa, 487 Regional Sponsored Visa, 887 Regional training Residence Visa and more.

Unlike other English speaking countries, there is no automatic right associated with your student visa to stay and work for a period of time in Australia after you finish your degree. When you receive your visa as a student, the government allows you to temporarily enter to study on the understanding that you will leave at the end of the course and before your visa expires. Australia continues to have a demand for foreign workers and students who graduated in Australia have a special category of work visas. There are also other categories of visas open to international students, and Australia has a very simple path to permanent residence using a points system. If you want to stay and work after graduation, you must apply for and obtain a work visa.

485 Qualified Graduate Temporary Visa

This visa is the most common option available for international students after graduation. With a 485 visa, you can stay in Australia for 18 months to gain work experience only if you have just completed at least two years of study in Australia.

402 Training and Research Visa

Another option for international students, the 442 visa, which allows students to improve their working skills for up to two years, while being sponsored by an employer.

487 Regional Sponsored Visa

This visa provides a permanent residency path, allowing you to work for 3 years and to work in a specialized regional area.

887 Regional training Residence Visa

The 887 visa gives you permanent residence and with it you can live and work in Australia permanently. You must have lived in Australia for two years, have one year's work experience and have sufficient points.

885 Independent Qualified Residence Visa

The 885 visa allows you to live as a permanent resident and work without being sponsored.

886 Qualified Sponsor Residence Visa

Visa 886 allows a foreign student to apply for permanent residence and employment, while being sponsored by an employer.

As mentioned above, Australia uses a points system to see if anyone is eligible for most visas. The points assessments will be assessed together with your application. These are some of the items that give you points:

Ability or mastery of English
Occupation on request
between 19 and 44 years of age
Work experience
Australian qualifications (duration of studies)

To see if you have enough points to pass, use the points calculator.

You should make an appointment with one of your university advisors to discuss your options before you graduate, as the rules and requirements change frequently.

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