2D & 3D Animation

Dhaewood animation studio

The purpose of Dhaewood animation studio is to help aspiring animators and graphic designers of all levels to find the best and quickest path to becoming a professional 2D & 3D animators. Whether you are fresh out of high school, or a 40 year old looking for a career change, we want to help you.

2d animation

To give the drawings the illusion of movement, artists draw images and then photograph them one image at a time. Artists put scenes and characters in a 2D space and use foreshortening and perspective to create space and depth.

3d animation

3D animation is more lifelike because objects can be viewed from different camera angles, can be lit from different directions, have textures that make them appear solid, and can be placed into live scenes and elements.

Is Animation Hard To Learn?

Both 2D and 3D animation can be learned by either going to a school or teaching yourself. Receiving instruction from trained and experienced instructor is recommended if you want to quickly learn all the ins and outs of both animation techniques, including the various software applications used today.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We promise to deliver relevant, accurate, and most importantly, helpful information to guide you to your animating and designing career.



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