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Advanced Passenger Proration Course

Improve your organisation’s bottom-line by strengthening your prorating skills and expanding your financial scope. With this course, students will learn how proration can be a useful tool in maximizing the revenue of an airline, through proper pricing policy and fare structuring.

Upon completing this course student will be able to:

  • Improve his/her knowledge of basic passenger fare construction
  • Understand the PMP and its application with regard to the MPA-P
  • Identify the fare break point in proration calculations
  • Calculate the prorate value of passenger coupons in accordance with the rules of the MPA-P
  • Apply the correct currency conversion rules for interline billings
  • Improve data processing and minimize potential errors


Course Content:

  • Review prorate factors and base amounts, according to the Prorate Manual – Part 2
    • Article F of the Multilateral Proration Agreement (MPA)
  • Determine the amount to be prorated
    • Applicable fares
    • Currency conversion for passenger billings
    • Surcharge/differential
  • Analyze proration details
    • Passenger tickets
    • Correct prorate value
    • Sector not travelled by air
    • Change of carrying airline
    • Excess baggage tickets
  • Examine provisos rules
    • What is a proviso
    • Presentation of a proviso