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Airline Cabin Crew Course

Learn how to manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances. Know about different types of emergency and safety procedures. The student will learn, among others: Introduction to Air Cabin Crew Course, About the Aviation Industry, Types and Characteristics of Key Airlines, Regulating the Aviation Industry, Industry Terms and Phonetic Alphabet, Knowing the Aircraft and Operations, etc.



The online Air Cabin Crew Course will teach learner with essential knowledge of how to work as a cabin crew member.

The Air Cabin Crew course is split into the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Air Cabin Crew Course
  2. About the Aviation Industry
  3. Types and Characteristics of Key Airlines
  4. Regulating the Aviation Industry
  5. Industry Terms and Phonetic Alphabet
  6. Knowing the Aircraft and Operations
  7. Knowing Time Zones in Aviation
  8. Knowing Your Geography
  9. Identifying Airport Codes
  10. Working with Your Team
  11. Health and Safety Issues for Cabin Crew
  12. Acting in an Emergency
  13. Handling Dangerous Goods
  14. Ground Safety Regulations
  15. Understanding the Ticket System
  16. Portraying the Right Image
  17. Exceptional Customer Service
  18. Onboard Services
  19. Final Assessment